You Should Be Interested in Security!

With the increase in use of IT related technologies such as web-based applications, computer networks, the internet, extranet, intranet and other related applications, cybercrime has become commonplace. The truth is that cyber culture is developing faster than cyber security. This calls for a higher level of security and the proper initiative to make sure that ICT systems are properly firewalls to keep hackers at bay.
But protecting your application infrastructure means deploying multiple prevention tools which work together to protect the integrity of a system.

PlanNet21 is fully committed to providing secure and reliable networks to all of our clients. But, we also know that security doesn’t just stop at a firewall. There are also many threats which are possible from within the system. Our team at PlanNet21 will thoroughly evaluate the risk involved in a network and offer our expert opinion on the best policies which should be adopted by a company in order to secure their most sensitive information.

Whether it is from competitors, disloyal employees, or digital pirates, we help keep your computers safe. With PlanNet21, our clients get a complete suite of security products which also include firewalls, network access control, intrusion prevention, authentication, data encryption and much more to ensure your safety.

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