Mobility and flexibility are essential in today’s global marketplace. Wireless services are becoming more pervasive and with the ratification of the 802.11 ac protocol, which will see wireless speeds reach over 1Gbps per wireless user in 802.11ac wave1 and up to 10G in 802.11ac wave2 by 2016, will see wireless become the preferred access medium on most enterprise networks. These higher speeds require a fundamental design shift in today’s wireless networks to eliminate any potential bottlenecks.

PlanNet21 converged network solutions will provide a distributed architecture where the control and data plane of the wireless services will be separated at the switch level.Unified access delivers a single integrated architecture encompassing both wireless and wired with a unified policy and management across the entire network estate. Allow you to power the “bring your own device” requirements on the network.

PlanNet21’s integrated solutions approach ensure you can

  • Support multiple devices
  • Place appropriate access on different devices/staff groups/individuals.
  • Give users flexibility to use their own apps to enhance output.
  • Collaborated with customers, clients and partners
  • Secure Guest Access and self on boarding of guest devices

PlanNet21’s unified access solution allows various access policies to be applied to the end user or device based upon any combination of the below.

  • WHO- is the end user trying to connect to the network. Are these corporate trusted users or guest?
  • WHAT- type of device is the user connecting on. Are these a trust corporate asset or employee owned device
  • WHERE- is the user connecting from local LAN, remotely or from branch offices?
  • WHEN- is the user connecting to the network?
  • HOW- is the end user connecting to network via the LAN or WLAN?

As an Advanced Wireless LAN specialized partner PlanNet21 offers services across the entire wireless lifecycle including

  • Wireless Risk & Analysis
  • Pre /Post Wireless site survey
  • Wireless implementation and configuration
  • Wireless health checks

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