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With the help of Unified Communications by PlanNet21, our clients are able to have at their disposal a comprehensive suite of IP-based software and hardware solutions which can also scale to meet their growing needs. Apart from that, the suite we offer can also be integrated with other existing systems in order to help customers migrate to full Unified Communications with the passage of time without having to dispose of their existing technologies.

The technologies which we provide is able to unify video, voice, data, and even mobile applications on both fixed and mobile networks so that the end user is able to easily communicate in any workspace and on any device, media or operating system. In short, having Unified Communications solutions helps streamline the communication of your workforce, allowing them to locate and communicate in real time with the right person. We offer a broad range of applications, clients and devices which include;

Unified Collaboration: Offers a suite of IP voice/ video solutions along with complete media control.

• Rich Media Conferencing: Products such as Cisco Unified MeetingPlace, Webex and Video provide a smooth on premise and hosted conferencing solution to cater to various customers.

• Voice and Unified Messaging: Voice and Unified Messaging solutions by PlanNet21 offer fax, email, voice and message access from a single interface, along with also allowing voice message access from a variety of applications and devices.

• Contact Center: Contact Center solutions are able to integrate workflow applications and also create a virtual contact center. Our Unified Communications clients such as Microsoft Office Communicator and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator offer some specialised capabilities such as voice, video, conferencing, instant messaging and presence all on a single application.

• Mobile Unified Communications: Mobile Solutions for Unified Communications combines the flexibility and the convenience of using mobile devices with the benefits of Unified Communications.

• Video Conferencing: HD Video Conferencing and Telepresence along with Desktop Video is able to bring people from any place in the world together in a way which eliminates the costs of travel and also a person’s carbon footprint.

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