The virtualisation of data is synonymous with information agility, and rightly so. By the effective virtualisation of data and the decoupling of applications and data from their physical dwellings, an organisation is able to maintain and deliver data center services more effectively, efficiently and resiliently.
Get the Most Out of Your Hardware

Having the capabilities to provide top-shelf services does not mean you have to get rid of your existing hardware. PlanNet21 understands the importance of working within a budget, which is especially true for SMEs and startups, which is why our IT solutions enable you to get the technology and performance you require without having to sell an arm and a leg. Since we pride ourselves in being responsive to the changing demands of businesses, we offer our customers the best solutions by putting their existing technologies to good use.

With infrastructure virtualisation, an organisation is able to create a much more agile, efficient and robust deliver model which can;
Lower you total cost of ownership; Data center virtualisation allows IT to gain a higher utilisation rate and power efficiency, along with lowered capital costs and greater operating efficiency.

Improved Resilience; The abstraction which is offered by data center virtualisation allows non-disruptive planned downtime and a more rapid recovery from any unplanned disruptions as well.

Increased Agility; A virtualised infrastructure is able to respond quickly to new application demands or service requirements since IT is not constrained with the predetermined relationship between physical hardware and services.

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