A robust network infrastructure is at the foundation of today’s IT industry. Having the proper IT infrastructure in a company not only ensures its efficiency but also guarantees customer satisfaction, which is why it is so necessary for the success of a business.

PlanNet21 helps ensure that this critical piece of infrastructure is able to meet with the growing demands by catering to the requirements of both local and wide area network architecture. Keeping in mind today’s mobile environment, PlanNet21 is also able to engineer high-performance wireless networks to make sure that all operations run smoothly.

We are fully aware that all organizations rely on their networks in order to deliver mission critical applications and offer a vital lifeline to cloud services. To do this, network infrastructure needs to be available, capable and reliable to provide support to the ever increasing bandwidth demands. While many legacy network architectures have trouble meeting with those demands, at PlanNet21, we pride ourselves with being the premier provider of the best ICT solutions to businesses spanning across continents.

LAN / WAN Architecture

Our experts are certified and experienced in the design, configuration, deployment and support of network solutions which ensure;

• High performance,
• Scalability,
• Low total cost,
• Resilience and
• Single-pane-of-glass management.

At PlanNet21, our experts take the time to fully understand the minute details of each company’s needs. By getting the details right, we are able to see the larger picture and deliver the best in ICT solutions. Our network engineers are able to customize each network solution according to the client’s requirements, consequently optimizing the performance and the manageability of the network infrastructure within an organization, which also increases the ROI of the IT investment.

Whether its multisite connectivity or pervasive mobility you are looking for, PlanNet21 has the experience and the expertise to provide the best technology solutions in the business.

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