Most multinational businesses have live support operators who provide assistance to customers 24/7.
PlanNet21 offers premium quality and market leading technologies which allow clients to transform their customer access strategies. This enables our clients to drive superior customer experience, build a lasting relationship with their customers, and enable first contact resolution.

By leading every engagement via a business process that is driven by a model of engagement, completing customer needs assessments, and establishing a top down approach to technology investment strategies within our client base, we are able to increase the ROI of their investment.

The integration of web-based or PSTN communication channels is the key to optimizing customer support services and improving customer retention rates. That being said, organizations are now increasingly finding this difficult to implement within the confines of the proprietary voice switching equipment, which can also be difficult to integrate when it comes to using newer web-based technologies.

These Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) based platforms aren’t able to integrate seamlessly within the new channels such as Web collaboration, email, video and text chat, all of which are crucial components of a customer contact center of the 21st century. This means that having to meet customer service objectives in a call center based on legacy TDM platforms alone can be both expensive and troublesome. But, this is not the case with the open telephony platform offered by PlanNet21.

It is no secret that location independence is the key benefit of any IP based contact center infrastructure. It doesn’t really matter where the agents are physically located, as long as they have access to the corporate WAN they are able to function as if they are working on-site, receiving and responding to customer queries as they come.

With an IP-based customer interaction network, organizations are able to utilize their employees better, by allowing them the convenience to work from home or to function from another remote location. With an incredibly flexible model like this, a business is also able to bring in additional agents online when needed, since it is easy to implement and cost effective as well.

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