PlanNet21 is able to design secure and multi-tenancy data center solutions with the help of Cisco’s Unified Computing System or UCS at its core.

As enterprise computing systems are able to increase in their scale, they also increase in complexity which is why you need a trusted name that can take care of all your computing needs. As the complexity of your system increases, so does the expense of its operation and the ongoing management. The Cisco Unified Computing System is able to address the growing challenges that are faced by businesses by streamlining their data center resources and dramatically reducing the number of devices which are required to be setup, and scaling service delivery.

Unified Management

The Cisco UCS Manager is able to provide a consolidated and simplified management of all hardware and software components of a UCS. Our unified approach can help businesses;

• Improve their operational efficiency by faster deployment and smarter provisioning.
• Increase their agility through robust data center automation.
• Increase their flexibility by the proper management of physical and virtual servers under one interface.

PlanNet21 Converged Architectures

PlanNet21 offers pre-configured and pre-validated infrastructure solutions to take care of your growing technology needs. Our FlexPod Platform options is able to offer a unified data center platform by integrating disparate compute, storage and network components into a single architecture which is also scalable.

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