PlanNet21 offers top shelf backup and recovery solutions to ensure a more centralized system for data management along with providing the protection for the data infrastructure. We also offer solutions which can be optimized to fit various virtual environments, ensuring faster backups and single step restores when needed. This also allows our clients to drastically improve server performance and reduce the amount of network bandwidth that is required for the backup process.

PlanNet21 is able to deliver end to end data protection to its clients that are fast, efficient and scalable. Some of the services that we offer include;

• Virtualization backup
• Tape, disk, cloud and hybrid solutions
• Replication and disaster recovery
• De-duplication
• Data center and edge backup
• Backup management
• Application Awareness Software

We also offer a comprehensive data archival solution which allows users to meet the growing legal, regulatory and business requirements when it comes to long term data retention. Our engineers are able to design a tiered storage solution which can automatically remove inactive data to a secure more cost effective location in order to free up space for the data you do need.

Furthermore, in the event of a disruption, disaster or loss of data, our backup and recovery solutions can help our clients to quickly and cost-effectively recover the lost data. With years of experience under our belt, PlanNet21 can help you manage your data with ease.

Disaster Recovery Seating:

PlanNet21 have 5,000 square feet for fully serviced and managed business continuity seating directly over our Data Centre facility in North Dublin.
In the event of and reason why your office location is taken off the grid, transfer all your staff to us and we will have all your core system up an running by the time they even arrive for work.

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