Build Your Own Data Centre with Us;

P21 Data Centre is a personalized data centre that is built and designed to comply with ‘Uptime Institute Certification’ standards. The data centre is built on 4 exclusive phases, with each phase acting as a standalone product from others. In simple words, P21 Data Centre is an overall building for individual data centre. Some of its prime features include (but are not limited to):

• Each phase consists of 128 racks – 512 racks in the complete data centre
• 4 MW power from the ESB
• Contracted PUE of 2.12 for entire Data Centre
• Separate cooling for each phase – 4 x Munters Oasis IEC 200 (Indirect Evaporative Coolers)
• Built according to Tier 3 Certified Design
• Each Phase has back up of 3 x 605 kVA FG Wilson generators
• UPS backup for each phase – 2 x Eaton 9395P 600 kVA
• 2 x Meet me rooms in total
• 3 to 10kW per rack
• Dual 32amp rack power supplies
• 2N UPS redundancy
• N+1 generator redundancy
• N+1 cooling redundancy
• No single points of failure
• Environmental and fault monitoring
• Granular power monitoring

PlanNet21 is the only Cisco Advanced Data Centre Networking Specialist in Ireland. Our team of more than 30 Cisco certified engineers is available to offer comprehensive end to end design, supply, and management of equipment and data centre services under one roof 24/7/365. We also design and build in-house data centre at your premises.

PlanNet21 also design and build full in-house Data Centres within your own building, our design will be to the highest standards if you wish to own and manage your own Data Centre,
we can partner with you for this entire process.