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Implementation Services

The network plays a crucial role in helping your business achieve its goals. Therefore, it is critical to ensure top performance and availability from the network and each of its elements right from the start. PlanNet21's Implementation Service provides access to highly skilled and experienced networking specialists for all implementation related activities including: design review, staging, implementation and project management. These services deliver flexibility, efficiency and cost savings, so you can select only the type and level of service for each implementation task.

Basic Installation Services

PlanNet21's Basic Installation Services are ideal for reducing the demand on limited resources and expediting network projects. PlanNet21's certified engineers will ensure that the product is functioning and configured according to the basic network design you provide, delivering a great head start to your projects.

Advanced Implementation Services

PlanNet21's engineering expertise is the key to successful implementations. We supply the resources necessary to ensure a successful implementation of the network infrastructure products deployed in your environment. PlanNet21 personnel are fully trained, ensuring you will be satisfied with the results. Our extensive networking experience can reduce the day-to-day involvement required of the customers personnel. By leveraging PlanNet21 engineering resources the customer can start fast and complete their projects on time and on budget, resulting in enhanced performance, productivity and profitability.

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