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PlanNet21 provide a Hosted Video Conferencing service that allows customers to deploy both desktop and High Definition room based video conferencing solutions without the capital investment that would be required to deploy premise based solutions.

The desktop video client is a HD client that supports both Windows and Macintosh users. From the desktop client, users can individually control the dynamics of their audio and visual experience during the conference. A user may choose from multiple layout options separately from any other user. The client provides features such as application- sharing and 'preferred, voice-activated speaker' window, plus a variety of camera and audio controls. The desktop client is easy to use and manage via the management portal. All users are assigned a personal Meeting Room that can be PIN-protected, thus making it possible for meetings to be held anytime - whether impromptu or by prior arrangement. Finally, the same reservation-less conferencing capabilities for video that have long been available for voice and the Web!

The HD room system is capable of delivering up to 60 FPS encoding as well as decoding and displaying multiple HD participants on two screens. Even more significant is that the room system was specifically designed for use over converged IP networks. The system is simple to use, easy to configure and voice-activated with continuous presence. The room system interoperates seamlessly with desktop clients, making it possible for people to join a conference from their home office or anywhere else they happen to be.

The customer can manage their chosen endpoints from a dedicated web portal. The portal supports all functions required to initiate or join a video conference, including:

  • Adding participants to a conference
  • Defining calling features, such as speed-dial
  • Searching or browsing for other users
  • Setting personal account preferences

One of the key benefits of the PlanNet21 Hosted Video Conferencing solution is that it supports full multi-point video conferencing. Thus multiple video users can participate in the same conference. To provide similar functionality with an on premise solution would require deployment of a very expensive video MCU. Another key benefit is that the solution operates of standard Internet bandwidth and does not require any dedicated connectivity. This allows users anywhere in the world to participate in the conference from a standard Internet connection.

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